Training and Support For Trust Clickz

Trust Clickz Training Videos Are Listed Below

Video 1: How To Register Your New Account

In this video, I walk you through the process of setting up your new account after purchasing the platform.

Video 2: Navigating The Interface

In this training video, I show you around the Trust Clickz interface and demonstrate how to navigate each area.

Video 3: Creating Your First Campaign

In this training video, Idemonstrate how to create a campaign within Trust Clickz.

Video 4: Researching Content And Creating Links

In this training video, I cover the basics of research appropriate content and then creating links on the trusted websites.

Video 5: Creating Poll/Survey Links in your campaigns

In this training video, I cover how to create Poll/Survey links in Trust Clickz

Video 6: Creating Optin Form Links For Your Campaigns

In this training video, I cover how to create Optin Form links in Trust Clickz that can be used to capture the subscriber information right over the top of the trusted website that is targeted.

Video 7: Reviewing Our Campaign Results and Analytics

In this training video, I help tie everything together by going through our initial campaign marketing results and reviewing what we have assembled.

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